Sitemap - 2021 - Plan Your Next

What's next for you?

I miss travel

Software with style, world-building, and a lost 2007 presentation

Make your next bet small and unpredictable

I hate that I love technology: Introducing my tech toolkit

Reflecting on my next: fatherhood

How do you name your next thing?

Have you ever shared your financial situation?

Find your style: a manifesto

Deconstructing your path

Why you should signal your intent

From knives to kits: find abundance from simplicity

A live confession of vacant creativity

The mystery of design

Here's your bravery test

The Saturday Walk

Addicted to moving

Just tell a story

Avoid being Auto-Tuned

From Google to entrepreneur: How Anne-Laure Le Cunff chased her next thing

But, will it make the boat go faster?

Design your serendipity strategy

Can automation be artful?

The cost of opportunity

Stylistically significant

Pay attention to the emerging path

When No-Code backfires

How to accidentally build an online workshop as slowly as possible

Are you an Entrepreneur, a Technician, or a Manager?

Plan Your Next → What design and perfumery have in common

Plan Your Next → Get comfortable sharing uncomfortable ideas

Plan Your Next → Make your desired behavior your normal behavior

Plan Your Next → Arched doorways, business utopia, investing 101, and skill discovery

Plan Your Next / The sanitization of the internet

Killing anticipation

Who are you collaborating with?

[PYN #55] Just start; learn later

Playing the long game

Reach out to your heroes

How do you stay consistently creative?

Why minimalism is boring

Create your Personal Board of Directors

The problem with writing. Plus, your next special guest, Paul Woods.

Trial and error, plus your next special guest

PYN - Asymmetrical timing

PYN - Selling onions on the internet. Plus, your next special guest.

PYN - Start building your social capital, plus a special guest

PYN - Find or build your creative nook

Plan Your Next: Are you lucky or unlucky?

Mindfulness over mayhem

Plan Your Next #41: Taking things for granted