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Create your Personal Board of Directors

Create your Personal Board of Directors

Plan Your Next #50

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🎤 Episode #14 of It’s Gotta Be the Mic: Reza and I chat with Tim Coil about how to baby step your way into crypto.

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🎨 Thanks to Nate Dykstra for purchasing my first ever NFT! Nate’s been an early supporter of my creative craziness. I hope to do more in the future, but I should probably learn some Cinema4D first.

Personal Board of Directors
Your Personal Board of Directors

Good morning from Los Angeles! I want to talk through an idea.

I started playing basketball in the eighth grade.

I was really bad, and I struggled to get better on my own. But by the ninth grade, I was regularly hanging out with kids who were 10x my skill level. I’d play consistently with these four other guys, but I was always the worst.

It was difficult to measure my progress because I was always losing. But I was learning because I surrounded myself with people who were giving me advice, knocking me on my ass, and teaching me by their own actions.

A commonality many companies share is that they install a corporate board of directors.

A board of directors usually consists of high performers. They might include shareholders, investors, and advisors who bring support, capital resources and connections.

There are people who are asked to serve on multiple boards, helping different companies serve different needs based on the support they can offer.

Serving on a board of directors can mean that you’re a person who’s resourceful, creative, and connected. You’re able to offer guidance through lived experiences, and thoughtful decision making.

Like a corporate board of directors, we should create our own.

Individuals also can benefit from the experience, perspective, and creativity of others. But most importantly, to offer guidance when we need to make tough decisions.

Jim Rhone has an often cited line, “you’re the average of the five people closest to you.”

I believe this to be true, which also means you might not be leveraging the most important areas of your life, with the right people.

A company might be catering to a certain segment of customers, and have built their board around best serving the CEO and its direction. It’s singularly focused, and the incentives are aligned.

But what if we have many different interests and play across dozens of groups at any given time? If I wanted to get better at basketball, I wouldn’t have chosen a group of writers to serve on my basketball board.

Our interests are growing all the time. We maintain autonomy over all of it, but should we always be asking the same people for help?

Imagine if you curated multiple Personal Boards of Directors (PBoD) for the different areas of your life?

One for growing as a cook. One for becoming a better writer. One for becoming a better teacher. One for creating online courses. One for learning design.

Each group might consist of 4-5 people, all serving different purposes. These groups would be picked by us, when we need to make tough decisions, or when we’re looking for help. Board members would need to be called on when asked, or they might automatically be given the boot.

What AngelList did for connecting startups, is the same way this platform could do for connecting individuals.

By my senior year of high school, I was chosen to the varsity basketball team. Of course, I rode the bench, but in three and a half years since picking up a basketball I finally had a barometer to how good I became.

Thankfully, I didn’t ask my closest friends at the time to teach me how to play basketball.

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Plan Your Next
I'm Nate Kadlac, designer of Plan Your Next. A weekly newsletter that connects design, creativity, and how you prepare for your next thing.