Nate enjoys thinking about the next thing, and how to get there.

His background is in design and side hustles. His first side business was to photoshop out unwanted ex’s from family photos. His second business was called Keep or Burn. That business burned. But the stickers were well designed.

Nate spends a lot of time reading and finding ways to become more mindful of what’s next. Every now and then, he has feelings about these ideas.

This is where he puts ideas to digital paper.

Most recently, he and his wife moved to Los Angeles, without a professional network and enough friends to count on one hand. He’s looking for friends.

He thinks a lot about how to invest, renting vs buying, where to travel, and what project he should start next.

Nate certainly doesn’t have an answer for everything, but, he bets that you also have your next thing. Maybe you both have some things in common?

He will try not to waste your time. Follow him on Twitter @kadlac.


Nate Kadlac
Designer and writer Building