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Letter #28: Who you surround yourself with, matters

Letter #28: Who you surround yourself with, matters


If you’re new here—hello! I’m Nate Kadlac. You signed up for this newsletter, Plan Your Next, at some point during your internet journey. Or possibly from my website,

Good morning from Los Angeles!

This year has been an absolute shitshow, and it’s affected us all in different ways. It seems that we’re all hunkered down, finding ways to spend the same time we’re all given, a little bit differently.

When shit hits the fan, who you surround yourself with, matters. I know I come from a place of privilege, and that rarely leaves my mind. Every week, I get to write this lovely little letter from the comfort of my little home, and that’s a fucking cozy cushy blanket that many people don’t have.

I’ve been spending the majority of this year trying to learn from others to improve my thinking and writing. Since none of this happens in person, I’ve been fortunate to find avenues that have introduced me to a number of people who are building their next thing.

The lesson for me is that while we’re all stuck inside, there are plenty of opportunities to meet and build relationships with others outside your circle.

Today’s Next is to highlight some friends from my circle who I know would inspire you as much as they do me.

🎤 Your next performative speech

Performative Speaking by Robbie Crabtree

Robbie is a trial lawyer who I met during our journey through Write of Passage. From that experience, he’s focusing in on helping people feel more confident speaking in front of others through performative speaking. He’s launching his course on Oct 19th, and I can’t be more excited for him.

☕️ Your next coffee

Flow State Coffee by Greg Frontiero

Greg is a monster mixed with one part wrestler, one part cheerleader. Somehow he’s figured out a blend that introduces l-theanine and cacao to reduce the jittery effect and blood flow that caffeine has on us. You can read more here, but he’s taking pre-orders now and shipping soon.

💍 Your next ring

Heather King Designs by Heather King

Heather is a talented designer based in Brooklyn, where she launched her custom jewelry line earlier this year when the pandemic hit. Her designs are uniquely bold, reminding me of the shape of the opal in the movie, Uncut Gems. Her cuff designs are unlike anything I’ve seen before, except on Wonder Woman.

🛹 Your next sustainable skateboard

Pilllar Skateboards by Corey Bracken

Like Heather, Corey also launched his sustainable skateboard brand in March, not knowing what was coming. He’s focused on building a brand that goes against the grain usually found in the skateboard industry. What’s unique is that he tracks his companies carbon footprint, and offsets that by 110% to stay carbon positive.

🕹 Your next newsletter

It’s Playtime! by Ritesh

Ritesh lives in India, is retired, and loves to play. He writes a daily newsletter to explore how you can introduce more play into your life. He calls it, “Kindergarten for adults.” I highly recommend reading this before your day starts.

📹 Your next video

For many, video can be intimidating and hard to pull off. It’s easy to get caught up in the tools and gear to make a video, but it’s much simpler than most realize. It’s also a medium that can be used for the unexpected.

I love to talk about what’s next, and video can play an important role in doing just that. Consider making a video for your next job interview, or thanking an author for the book you just read, or just by sending a hello video to a friend.

Cam Houser teaches how to lower the bar to making useful, and impactful videos. He’s launching his course later this year, so let me know if you’re interested.

🎙Your next podcast

What I love about The Random Show with Tim Ferris and Kevin Rose, is the brain dump of garbage that they spew into a microphone.

I’ve long thought about having this medium for myself, where I get to do the same without the pressure of producing an official podcast.

I met Reza Saeedi through the Ness Labs community, and since we’re both going through OnDeck’s writing fellowship together, we thought it might be fun to do something similar. I’ll post more when we have something to share.

See you next Sunday

Are there certain topics you would like me to cover? Hit reply and expect a response!

As always, my calendar is always open to chat about your crazy ideas.

Have a great week!

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