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Hey Nate, thanks for these thoughts! Fully onboard with playing the long game. Writing a weekly newsletter for 10 years seems like a great part of a long game, but it's only a part of what you'e doing. Are you able to share more about what other long games you are playing? And how you have chosen them?

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Wow good question about how to choose them. Damn. I feel those insights don't come easily unless you're actively experimenting and producing. Most of the things I'm working on are a direct result of writing or talking to people like yourself.

Approachable Design started as "Design for Writers," a community event I held during OnDeck Writer Fellowship. Just helping others in areas I knew I could be in service. It blossomed into something more during ME1, as you know!

The other long games I'm playing are holding 1:1 calls with people, expecting nothing in return. Helping others any way I can. Relationship building. Community building. I'm bullish on the naturally occurring serendipity that happens through those actions. (It's been a great investment FWIW)

What long games are you playing?

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Awesome question by Sean and thought provoking response Nate. It is forcing me to think what are some of the long games I am currently playing. Top 2 I am very sure of are: Parenting and relationship building. Daily struggles to implement discipline, NOT giving in to instant gratification, NOT comparing others current wins to our current struggles are very hard to play, but I see pay-offs after 5+ years of playing them.

Now, I need to reflect on my professional growth. I really do not know what long games I have played.

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