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I just bought an ipad for the first time about a month ago -- with the primary purpose of experimenting with Procreate. I used to draw in middle school/high school, but was never really good enough to call myself an artist.

For the first few weeks I experimented with the brushes and user experience, but mostly stared at the white canvas not knowing what to draw. Your instagram palm tree series came to mind. It inspired me to start a little series of antique baseball illustrations :


I use old T206 or Goudy cards for reference.

I don't really have a name for it yet and am still trying to map out the purpose of the series. (e.g. Am I trying to create "characters" or represent real players; am i trying to create an NFT collection or just learn procreate?)

But Mostly, I think it will help me feel out a personal style and just develop a new skill set.

So far, so good from that standpoint. So thanks for the recommendation and words of creative encouragement.

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I'm finally diving into Procreate after owning an iPad and Pencil for over a year, and it's been one of the most fun and enjoyable activities I've found in recent times! I'm even considering recreating the album covers of the music I recommend, instead of using the original art. Thanks for the continuous inspiration!

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