what a wonderful post! and idea. cant wait to read more. the theme and tone resonates with me, and our writing echoes the same themes

hope you get a chance to check out my platform



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Welcome back, Nate! I can relate to this piece. I used to be better about writing earlier in the week, but that's suffered now that I'm way more busy with other things lately. What I've found useful in the past—which I'm going to get back to soon here—is writing at least 200 crappy words per day. Chipping away on ideas throughout the week makes it so much easier to polish up a piece for my Saturday post. Thanks for the nudge!

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Hi Nate, do you share you weekly Readwise favorites? It would be fun to see them.

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Happy to see you in my inbox again! I always appreciate reading what you’re thinking about.

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Hi Nate,

I found your post here to resonate with me, so I linked to it in one that I published today

looking forward to pondering more of your thoughts...

find it here


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