Collective mail: That unsociable feeling

Welcome back to the real world, where Thursday happens to feel like a Monday. Here’s a few responses that I received from Sunday’s letter. Thanks for the support and to everyone who took time out of their day to respond.

RE: That unsociable feeling

“To answer your question - I deleted facebook and twitter from my phone around the 2016 election and haven't missed them at all. The personal mental health impact was immediate and significant. I did not delete my accounts - I still engage with those services but much more rarely and only at the times of my choosing, never in response to a push notification or as a boredom killer on my mobile phone.” - N

“But scrolling through feeds and seeing all of the other “look at me” bullshit, followed by an ad for Snickers or some other google search I’ve done recently, makes me want to dunk my phone in a Honeybucket portable toilet. I deal with it by spending time with best friends that live in the surrounding area. I’m tired of using this technology, I want you right in front of me.” - J

“I've definitely been considering a bit of a social media purge as well. I've actually been considering it for awhile now but have yet to actually do anything about it. I may take your route of just disabling notifications to start. Ultimately, what I really want to do is just get rid of FB and FB Messenger apps from my phone and only use them occasionally from my laptops. Have you ever tried that? Just curious.” - N

Hope you’re having a good week. I’m rooting for you.